Like MENSA, Only Thicker

Top Secret Joint CIA and Navy Program

The US Navy previously announced that it had

released a senior Al Qaeda terrorists after

questioning  extensively for 27 days

while being held prisoner aboard a

US aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea ..�

In a humanitarian gesture, the terrorist was

given $50 US and a white 1962 Ford Fairlane

automobile upon being released …..

Catch an Release

Apparently,  Congress wanted some input on where the release  occurred.

Having only recently learned that the previous administration was trying to kill terrorists leaders, there are now calls in Congress for criminal action, and a new mandate for the C.I.A.




dENSA contributed to an Inland Echo article on the Protest against Envision Spokane at City Hall on Monday July, 13th. Story at: Inlandecho.com

Densa Sub-sub Committee on Government and Politics, briefly reviewed the Envision Spokane Initiative and the Proposed Community Bill of Rights.

Actual text was somewhat confusing, but the high points are believed to essentially mean the following:

You have the right to help pay for someone Else’s home.

You have the right to be paid more than you are worth.

You have a right to waste endless tax dollars because you can.

You have a right to surrender your community to economic morons.

Bonus:  The city council and daily newspaper will protect your right to surrender all of your civil rights, particularly those as a tax payer.





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