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Russell Brand & MSNBC

August 25, 2013


The Coming Storm

July 29, 2012

Logical Fallacies

June 12, 2012


Jesus & the Democrat

March 27, 2012

Submitted by B.A. A Republican, in a wheelchair, entered a restaurant one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Republican looked across the restaurant and asked, “Is that Jesus sitting over there?” The waitress nodded “yes,” so the Republican requested that she give Jesus a cup of coffee, on him.  The […]

Brady & Tebow Register to Vote!

February 29, 2012

From Project Veritas:   #####   Washington State Caucus on Saturday, March 3rd.

Government Gone Wild!

February 8, 2012

Polar Bears and Dogs

January 25, 2012

* * * * * * * * * * * * * ************** WA ACTION ALERT* PLEASE CALL TODAY HB 2448 will create and fund the complete takeover of childcare from pre-birth to age five. by Autumn Torres on Monday, January 23, 2012 at 1:41pm HB 2448  will create and fund the complete takeover […]

Martin Luther King Day

January 16, 2012


Time for a Beer

January 3, 2012

Sometimes when I reflect on all the beer I drink, I feel ashamed.  Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams.  If I didn’t drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered.  I think, “It […]

Wall St. vs OWS

December 6, 2011