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Is the dENSA Universe Expanding or Contracting?

April 29, 2009

* Additional Evidence: * * Advancing the theory of off-set credits, and similar incentives expected under the, ‘City of Spokane Sustainability Plan.’ Alternately, more of, ” it’s the right thing to do!” * * dENSA Returns to the Red Lion Tavern on May 6th….mmm…. BBQ,  Wine Broiled Chicken!! * * * * * * dENSA […]

ICE, ICE Baby…Like Water, Only dENSA!

April 22, 2009

dENSA NEWS Arctic Ice Thickens Substantially over the Last 6-12 Months. All active military sensors in the Arctic show significant ice thickening over the past six to twelve months. Story by Steven Goddard at: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/04/09/wuwt-ice-survey-shows-thickening-arctic-ice/ US military data at: http://imb.crrel.usace.army.mil. dENSA is seeking comments on the above sources. Sometimes its hot and sometimes its cold.  […]

Tea Party Planned at the Spokane Convention Center

April 8, 2009

*  Party?  We may need Czar-vesas.  dENSA reserves the Patio at Azteca on April 15th. Celebrate with imported beer, while the government moves to protect us from evil, job stealing, anti-union subversives, importing crap than can be tapped on dangerous, poorly maintained Mexican trucks, operated by drug crazed, criminals that……………….Breaking News: ****No kegs to be imported under proposed import/export […]