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Spokane Waste Alliance

May 24, 2011

Mr. Al French, Chairman Spokane County Board of Commissioners. Dear Mr. French, Thank you, for your effort in resolving long-standing inequities involving our Spokane Regional Solid Waste System. There are two specific issues that should be fully vetted before moving forward with the proposed regional solid waste management alliance. 1.  Independent Accounting. All parties to […]

Spokane Solid Waste

April 27, 2011

What would Regional Solid Waste tipping fees be if Spokane County and the Regional Cities broke from the city of Spokane and formed a new Regional Solid Waste Alliance? This would only require that the Alliance obtain the two transfer stations (the city of Spokane should give them to the Alliance, but the City is […]

Recycling for $$$

November 28, 2010

Spokane Waste

October 20, 2010

Finally, Spokane’s nightmarish waste-to-energy bond payments ($250 million over 20 years) are about to end, and hopefully along with it, the Regional Solid Waste System. County commissioners are circulating a draft interlocal agreement amongst the various municipalities to form a new Solid Waste Alliance (http://spokanewastetoenergy.com/DraftInterlocal.doc). Regrettably, this first draft has some major flaws that need […]

Post Falls Freedom Festival Notes

December 20, 2009

Spokane dENSA wishes you a Merry Christmas, and all the best of a new year! * The December 10th dENSA post had about 2.5 hours of video broken into 15 segments.  For those interested in specific Freedom Festival content, the following are notes pertaining to three of the speakers/topics: Video 1/15: Approximately ten minute update […]

Spokane Events

November 18, 2009

There will not be a dENSA meeting on Wednesday, November 25th Spokane Events Poker Tournament Big Daddy’s Charity Event Projected $15,000 Prize Pool Qualifying Rounds November 21st & 22nd  @ 3:00 PM Final round on December 5th @ 2:30 pm $100 Buy In, Plus $25 Entry Fee $500 & $250 Donated to 1st and 2nd […]

The Government Can!

September 9, 2009

* * 9/12 Project Rally Spokane River Front Park Clock Tower Noon on Saturday, September 12th 2009 * * The following letter is believed to be by Michael Selker. Tea Partiers Call Movement Better Organized Than GOP Using a dozen social networking sites to mobilize constituents opposed to big-government spending, the grassroots movement has taken […]


September 2, 2009

* Open Letter to the Mayor of Airway Heights * Dear Mayor, Thank you, for your interest in Regional Solid Waste matters. It appears the county will soon adopt a Solid Waste Management Plan, which will then make its way to your jurisdiction for approval. There is a high probability that a series of conflicts […]

dENSA News Round Up

June 17, 2009

Spokane News The City of Spokane is believed to be now facing a budget short-fall of $7 million, with some predicting this will grow to $9 million by the end of the year. Current begging efforts to get state and federal hand-outs will likely off-set part of the difference, but one time money will not […]