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Spokane Politics

August 4, 2010

* How does the Spokane print media  give such glowing endorsements of Laurel Siddoway and Al French, but can not print a single word about their pivotal roles in the RPS fiasco? * From Camas Magazine: ‎”With help from the Spokane City Council and public officials–the Cowleses were able to leverage some $100 million in […]

Spokane Performance Art

May 6, 2009

The Spokane Art Community is a flutter over the mayor’s recent rap performance. The video was recorded by Isamu Jordan, from the Som Show http://thesomshow.com/: The City of Spokane now has new street creed,  and calls for more performance art by Spokane civic leaders  is being heard across the Lilac City (less time to waste […]