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August 25, 2013


Climate Gumbo; How Hot Do You Want It?

June 10, 2009

When did George Will become a nut job? Lately, if a person dares to question the rational of proposed government policy regarding climate change, they are often derided as being either stupid or some kind of nut job. It would be difficult to sustain a claim that George Will is stupid, so… check out Mr. Will’s column found in the Mt. Pleasant, MI Moring Sun.

$billions already spent on government grants and university research; $billions more still pending; jobs and academic careers highly dependent upon this massive government spending. Is there any chance that some of the, “settled global warming science” could be a bit conflicted?

The government has allegedly spent billions to prove global warming is a problem (dENSA has no confirmed knowledge as to where all the money actually went). How much has the government spent to prove climate change is not a problem? Maybe the nation can only handle one, “inconvenient truth” at a time.

dENSA was considering sponsoring a $1 million research project to prove climate change is not a problem, but since government contracting is the, “new green,” it is only considering sponsoring a request for a $1 million dollar federal research grant.

If dENSA fails to prove that global warming is not a problem it will be a bargain compared to the billions spent by the government to not prove that it is. Perhaps dENSA may eventually substantiate a claim that is 90% certain global warming is not a problem, and then who knows, maybe another $1 million from the government! No matter what the government decides they will need lots of consultant$, so…

The Acting, Acting Czar dictates that additional consideration be given to a dENSA sponsored climate change research proposal, after a review of the Third Annual International Conference on Climate Change, as reported by the Virginia Pilot.

Attendees of this conference appear to have already done much research on climate change, so all that may be left for dENSA is to over-charge the government. Hey, we live in Spokane! There are lots of people around here that know how to do that!