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Spokane Waste Alliance

May 24, 2011

Mr. Al French, Chairman Spokane County Board of Commissioners. Dear Mr. French, Thank you, for your effort in resolving long-standing inequities involving our Spokane Regional Solid Waste System. There are two specific issues that should be fully vetted before moving forward with the proposed regional solid waste management alliance. 1.  Independent Accounting. All parties to […]

2010 Tax Day Tea Party

April 17, 2010

Spokane, Washington: * * * * * *

Rein in Runaway Government

December 27, 2009

What odd times we live in. Bad is good. Measured sickness is called universal health care. Surveillance is called security. Oppression is called freedom. We need to stop believing and listening to what the controlled media prints and broadcasts and see what is going on. I doubt what people say; I believe what they do. […]

Climate Science

December 14, 2009


December 7, 2009

* * * * Area comments regarding, “Freedom Festival II.” “I was interviewed by reporter Meghann Cuniff and photographer Jesse Tinsley who asked most of the questions. I explained that the Freedom Festivals were not organized by any one group, but by several individuals. We had over 1,200 attendees at our first one and since […]

Spokane Constitution Day Rally

September 17, 2009