Like MENSA, Only Thicker

About dENSA

Spokane dENSA generally meets Wednesday afternoons/evenings to discuss current news, politics, economics and other pressing issues of the day; such as the merits of micro beers verses crap on tap.

Send us any comments, observations, photos, videos and other items that you think may be of interest to dENSA and the greater Spokane community.

Meeting locations change each week, so drop us a line if you want on the e-mail notification list.


6 Responses to “About dENSA”

  1. I have a Question related to finance.


    I have never heard of this term before. It relates to future and increased value. Are you familiar with it? financial protection on the upside is how it is stated. And in this context it is dealing with the formation of a new business merger and ownership deal.

    I dont know if financial protection on the upside is a legitimate financial term of an agreement more less understand it. I think it relates to royalties and future values or some shit.

    Can or would you help me understand this nomenclature?

    Densa site is growing. Congrads, but finding the contact info is challenging. Would not blame ya if you intended such. There is so much gargage looking to contact anyone out there.

    • There is upside and downside risk that depends on individual perspective, investment position or contract obligations. I do not know if it is considered an express financial term.

      If you are building a product and the cost of your materials go up, there could be financial risk particularly if under contractual obligation.

      Financial instruments are often used to protect against price movement in one direction or the other.

      I need more context regarding the business merger and ownership scenario. It may have to do with stock valuations which can be volatile during merger activity.

  2. Do you guys really meet somewhere? I’d love to find some like minded folks in Spokane to bounce some ideas off.

    • We move around each week. This week we are at the Red Lion Tavern on Wednesday at Main & Division. People typically start showing up around 4:30 or so and come and go into the evening. We are mostly Liberty minded, but there are several Liberals that also show up. Stop by and hang out if you like. Most of the Red Lion Staff will know us as dENSA.

  3. Hi Gary,

    Did not get your message until today, since we don’t regularly monitor the about section.

    You have a nice looking blog and we generally agree with the opinions found there. Hope you keep posting local news and opinion, as dENSA does not have a particularly high regard for Spokane’s traditional media outlets.

    We placed Free Spokane in our blog-roll and posted your, “Tale of Two Cities” with attribution and references to your URL a couple of months ago

    Best Regards,

    The Acting, Acting dENSA Secretary

  4. Enjoy your blog. Have launched a new one of my own. Would welcome your comments.


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