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Spokane Solid Waste

What would Regional Solid Waste tipping fees be if Spokane County and the Regional Cities broke from the city of Spokane and formed a new Regional Solid Waste Alliance? This would only require that the Alliance obtain the two transfer stations (the city of Spokane should give them to the Alliance, but the City is broke, so leasing is more probable). The City can keep the waste-to-energy facility and the Northside Landfill.

Costs are based on the 170,000 tons of Municipal Solid Waste generated county-wide:

$ 8,500,000 – Long haul MSW to Roosevelt Landfill
$ 4,000,000 – Lease and operate two transfer stations
$    300,000 – Moderate risk waste
$    300,000 – Litter control
$    300,000 – Subsidize regional composting
$    400,000 – Administration and education
$    200,000 – Capital expenditures

$14,000,000 in expenditures to dispose of 170,000 tons of MSW only requires an $82 per ton tipping fee. These costs were based on the very inflated rates the city of Spokane currently charges for services, and current long haul rates. Actual cost will probably be lower.

An $ 82 dollar tipping fee sure looks a lot better than the outrageous figures the city of Spokane is proposing, and it will prevent the City from imposing any of their excessive taxes on our garbage. And keep in mind, the Roosevelt Landfill produces far less greenhouse gasses than Spokane’s waste-to-energy facility. Cheaper, better, and no new taxes – plus, plus, plus for Spokane County and the regional cities.

Submitted by:  Craig Sullivan


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