Like MENSA, Only Thicker

Step Up Spokane




dENSA Predictions:

1. Number of on-side kicks in Wild-Card games


2. Total number of yards for a loss in play-offs

(excludes Wild-Card games and Superbowl)


3. Total number of sacks in the Superbowl

In a free country we could each throw in $3.00 and the winners would end up being responsible for some beer; however, that could be viewed as gambling and the government might require…


This is not be a betting or wagering pool

* *

This is not gambling

* * *

This will be a measurement of dENSA ability to predict future events relative to motivation:

Question number 1.  Winner will owe all participants $1.00

Question number 2. Winner receives nothing (state approved betting)

Question number 3.  Winner receives $2.00 times number of participants


Any costs associated with this experiment is a donation to the study of science  and phenomena.


Maximum number of experiment participants: 500,000


Next measurements:

1.  Optimal level of federal research funding required to produce the optimal level of federal funding.

2. Number of  City of Spokane consultants in 2010.

3.  Size of Tea Party Crowd in Spokane, WA on April 15th.



dENSA will meet at Wiese’s  Place on Wednesday, January 13th


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