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Post Falls Freedom Festival Notes

Spokane dENSA wishes you a Merry Christmas, and all the best of a new year!


The December 10th dENSA post had about 2.5 hours of video broken into 15 segments.  For those interested in specific Freedom Festival content, the following are notes pertaining to three of the speakers/topics:

Video 1/15: Approximately ten minute update on the Continental Congress that took place this past November.

The following was found posted at the CONTINENTAL CONGRESS website:


The purpose of Continental Congress 2009 is to determine a legal and peaceful means to stop the violations of The Constitution of The United States of America and to restore Constitutional governance.


Specifically, the delegates will consider:

* The framework, content and meaning of the Constitution as originally intended;

* The provisions provided for The People to hold the government accountable to the Constitution;

* Violations to the Constitution and their devastating impacts on America and her people and resources;

* The Record of Petitions for Redress, (over fourteen years), directed to federal and state government for violations to the Constitution and government’s response;

* The Vision for America if we followed it – what would our Nation/life be like if we were wholly obedient to the Guarantees of the Constitution rather than the whims and assurances of elected officials;

* A template for transition to Constitutional governance in America;

* Peaceful and legal means through which a critical mass of The People can push back and stop the violations and restore Constitutional obedience in America.


“The upcoming Continental Congress is being called by The People, not to amend our Constitution, but to defend the one we now have.  This is not a Constitutional Convention.”

The findings of this congress are expected to be presented in a document called the Articles of Freedom; for more information visit the Continental Congress website at: http://www.cc2009.us/



Videos 2/15 – 5/15: Presentation by Mr. Edwin Berry, an atmospheric physicist discussing some of the fundamentals of, “climate fraud;” which extended to unethical behavior by individuals at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Center for atmospheric Research, and others.  There are ample sources corroborating many of Mr. Berry’s findings on a scientific basis.  The political and governmental findings are an entirely different matter.


Videos 6/15 – 15/15: Presentation by Mr.  Michael Shaw detailing how misrepresented science has been used to influence policy and operational decisions within government.  He illustrated the corrosive affects on private property rights as well as waste and abuse within government.  Specific documentation pertaining to Spokane County, Spokane Valley and Northern Idaho jurisdictions was presented.  The City of Spokane and Avista were cited for particularly egregious conduct.

Mr. Shaw appeared to have extensively researched and documented this topic, and displayed a deep understanding of socio-governmental models.



From Hopenhagen:



Next dENSA meeting will be a Casey’s on December 23rd.


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