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Area comments regarding, “Freedom Festival II.”

“I was interviewed by reporter Meghann Cuniff and photographer Jesse Tinsley who asked most of the questions. I explained that the Freedom Festivals were not organized by any one group, but by several individuals.

We had over 1,200 attendees at our first one and since only the NY Times sent a reporter I contacted S/R reporter Jim Camden about Freedom Fest 2.

We have no control over whether a Neo Nazi or someone from the Southern Povetry Law Center shows up. The subject of Freedom Fest 2 was Climate Change, and we brought in two distinguished speakers, Dr. Edwin Berry, and Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates. Unfortunately reporter Meghann felt this only deserved one sentence and decided to focus on one 10 minute speaker who used the “M” word, and she also leaned heavily on Mark Potok from the Southern Poverty Law Center, who wasn’t even there to my knowledge.” ~ Rob


“Michael Shaw’s message on Agenda 21 and Dr Berry’s message on Climate Change were right on the mark. The timing of the event was perfect with the Copenhagen Treaty Conference starting tomorrow and the G-20 meeting  kicking off later this month. We estimated 800-900 people showed up — pretty good for a cold December’s evening.
I am looking forward to seeing this on You-Tube soon.

While this event was not sponsored by C4L, many individual members did help out. Many thanks to Rob C, Leah S, Mike O, Alanna G, Chris B, Dave W, John & Cecily Charleton, Lesa Baxter, Dan Day, Steve Neill, and all the others who pitched in to make this a phenomenal event. Special thanks once again to our security detail (you know who you are). I apologize if I forgot anyone.

All of the groups in the Friends For Liberty Coalition showed up and had information tables. Overall, I think it was a great night for educating the masses and giving them the opportunity to get involved in the cause of Liberty.” ~ J.C.


“Just so people are clear, the organizers had no idea what Shaeffer Cox was going to speak about.  He was a last minute invitee recommended by the two WA state delegates to the Continental Congress.  It was assumed that he was going to speak about the Continental Congress, not forming private (Unconstitutional) militias.  It was only in speaking to Jeff the afternoon before the event that any of us knew he was speaking on another topic, and Jeff was not even sure what that topic was when I asked him about it.   All we knew is that he had apparently been pretty popular speaking around various parts of the country.   I was for one quite horrified when he started speaking about forming militias and especially when he implied voting at the ballot box does not matter any more, which was the opposite message that we wanted to convey.  Forming militias without authorization from the state government is extremely unconstitutional, as Edwin Viera, a well respected leader in the patriot community and probably the foremost scholar on militias has stated repeatedly.  In fact, I agree that the true term has been somewhat inappropriately tainted, but these unlawful private militia groups are in fact what tainted the term.  What sickened me the most about this article is that they quoted Schaeffer Cox TWICE and they did not quote the other speakers who spoke MUCH LONGER, including Michael Shaw said that we cannot win this battle with guns.

I am also sick of the Spokesman underestimating crowds — 1200 for the first event, 800 for the second . . . not 1000 and 500.  Hell they did not even cover the first event and would not know anything if it was not for the videos posted on the website.  I am sure they got 1000 from Sheriff Mack saying over 1000.

By the way, has the Spokesman run a single story on Climate-gate?” ~ Christopher



Note: The S/R ran an article from the Washington Post about the, “climate-gate e-mails” on Sunday, December 6th.  The Washington Post has appeared to be a steady supporter of global warming theories and this article was fairly muted in it’s criticism of any opposition to this position.

Spokane dENSA will meet at the Ticket, across from the arena, on Wednesday, December 16th.



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