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Public Broadcasting!



From the Schitt Show.com: It is virtually shoved down our throats that scientists are in complete agreement about global warming.   Al Gore and the media assure us there is an absolute consensus in the scientific community that humans are heating the planet and irreversible damage is looming as a result of man’s carbon output.  The truth is, there is not an irrefutable consensus.  How about some intellectual honesty?  Reasonable debate?  Or, in the least, a different explanation.  Below is one of the largest collections of articles and opinion pieces on the Internet, many written by respected scientists, climatologists, meteorologists and professors who dispute the apocalyptic “man-made” explanation of global warming.

This list will continue to grow, so check back frequently . ~ schnittshow.com


392 links were found at schnittshow.com on December 2nd.



Freedom Festival II in Post Falls on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Freedom Festival II crowd was reported to be 700+



Wednesday, December 9th: dENSA meets at Fizzy McGulligan’s (W 331 Hastings Road)

Wednesday, December 16th: Hockey night; tickets are $17.00, current number confirmed: 10


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