Like MENSA, Only Thicker


Proud dENSA patriots
A Few dENSA Patriots

3 smaller government not dictatorship3 kill govenment take over not our freedom3 born in usa3 what will you do3 traitors3 stop spending3 sheep no longer3 save the children3 bo stinkstyranny response teamRead my lipstick3 cap n trade lock and load3 don't blame me3 reduce government footprint

patriotscrowd along waterflagseconomics for dummiesDC surrounded by realityno cap no acornsconservative malethank a vetduty of the patriotstop bankrupting our grandkidsRemember the ConstitutioncountdownHe who preacheshelp save usahands off my prosperitygovt off our backsdisagree racismin god we drust in obama we don'tend the fedhigh taxes big governmentliberty not debtnewsweekcrowd 3no to socialismRemember the Constitutionthe problem with socialismsocialism triumphpatriots sign inoppostion leadershipread the billcrowd4kill govt take overlap dogland of the freereduce govt footprinttrust government really

2 lady line 2

Lady Patriots

2 congressman joe was right2 crowd 22 don't socialize me bro2 fire radical czars2 free markets not free loaders2 give me liberty don't give me debt2 impeach polisie and reid2 no global government2 nobama care2crowd 32 marcus2 impeach the imposter2 spendophile2 obama care equals control2 ram it down our throats in 092 stop digging2 thank you glenn beck2 take back America2 we the people are speakingfox news for truth2 our free press is gone

across the river shot3 all I need is the constitution3 fox is not the enemy3 don't fed on me3 do i look like astro turf3 dear leader3 motorcycle jackets3 george washingtonkeep out2 impeach polisie and reid3 go green4 1900 pages4 collectivism communism4 democracy will cease4 hoffman ny234 let freedom ring4 no bama nation4 no gov healthcare village idiot4 term limits4 trillions in debt

4 veteran tribute

Tribute to Spokane Veterans

4 jeff



  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. God Bless America!

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