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Envision Spokane & Prop 4

There are many reasons why Liberals and Conservatives; Democrats and Republicans; environmentalists and business people should all oppose Spokane Ballot Initiative Proposition Four.

First, a little background on a sometimes confusing subject:

A common misperception is that we have a democratic form of government.  We do not.  The founding fathers of this country gave us a Constitutional Republic, and for good reasons.   Under our Constitutional Republic certain basic liberties commonly referred to as rights are protected.  This is to ensure the interests of the minority are guarded against the abuses of a majority.   It is so well funded political campaigns are prevented from taking away your property or individual rights by simply delivering enough votes.

An example would be the right to operate a free press.  I would love to vote to relieve the owner’s of the Spokesman Review of their right to operate a newspaper in this community.  I probably could deliver a majority of votes to do so; however, the owner’s right to operate a free press is constitutionally protected and no majority is allowed to take that right away.

This is how it should be.

Constitutional protections are probably the most valuable asset you have.

A second example:  A couple work for years building a portfolio of investments and/or business concerns.  After decades of thrift, commitment and personal sacrifice, a political organization implies that these very pillars of our community are nothing more than greedy, self-serving businesses.  This politically motivated group advocates relieving these people of their basic right to manage their own assets, while claiming to know what is better for everyone.  The tax paying members of this community which have supported parks, environmental initiatives, social programs and a host of other community efforts for decades, now risk losing the right to control their own businesses.

This is not how it should be.

The ramifications of such a risk to basic rights would be catastrophic to capital investment and job growth in this community.  Who could possibly advise a person or group of people to invest in a community where the right to operate the assets are immediately surrendered to the community as proposed under the Envision Spokane Initiative?

Proponents will have you believe more government is needed to control greedy, polluting businesses; but where are those businesses?  Which ones do we really have to fear in Spokane?  Is it the brake shop on the corner?  Perhaps it is a local painting contractor.  What about the S.T.A. maintenance facility and its loud and often annoying buses?  Should a neighbor be allowed to sue these organizations and hand the legal bill to the tax payer? What about the handling of medical gases in the health care industries?  A lawn care business, asphalt plant, concrete cutting contractor? Who exactly is threatening our community?

To imply that the majority of people and businesses in Spokane are not environmentally responsible is nonsense.  Since Expo ’74 environmental issues have been front and center here.  We have been as proactive as any community in the country, even to a fault.  We have literally wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on expensive environmental initiatives through countless Federal, State and local programs.  We have surrendered massive amounts of money to government bureaucracies that often quickly lose sight of the original environmental mandate.

Virtually every political campaign brings forth candidates that cast themselves as environmental activists, but are often simply political opportunists. They may occasionally care deeply about environmental issues, but seldom offer real workable plans to improve environmental standards.

Small and very small businesses are the overwhelming source of jobs in this community.   Demonizing big business, which we have little here in Spokane, is simply a way to distort a public debate and to rally votes against a phantom goliath.  This is actually an attack on your basic rights and that of your relatives, friends and neighbors.

In Spokane we want to attract responsible, self reliant people that have confidence in themselves and their abilities.  We should not want to mandate what social programs each individual will or will not support.  We should believe deeply in the rights and liberties afforded under the U.S. Constitution, and communicate loudly and clearly to the world our willingness to aggressively defend these rights and liberties.

The United States Constitution provides all the opportunity needed in Spokane.  It is the basis by which to promote vibrant economic and intellectual opportunities.  Without the rights and liberties afforded under the U.S. Constitution our laws and government would quickly become meaningless to many people in this country.

By aggressively standing for existing rights and liberties and against misguided individuals and organizations such as Envision Spokane, we will be better able to pay for increased environmental standards and a continually improving quality of life here in the Inland Northwest. Government mandates generally do no such thing, and typically have the exact opposite affect.

I vote for freedom and liberty, and against Proposition Four.


I voted  No




Saturday October 17th
Spokane Fair and Expo center
Microbrews, aucton and wine
Come and support a local charity.
This is for the
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
You can get tickets at the door for $15
(11 from dENSA plan to attend)

Non-denominational political entity seeking better funtioning government through localized taxing, spending, transparency and accountability.

Location:Merlyn’s Book Store, Spokane WA
Time:7:00PM Tuesday, October 20th

dENSA Visits Fast Eddies on Wednesday, October 21st


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