Like MENSA, Only Thicker

Spokane 9/12 Project Rally




in memoryno on prop 4acorn a bunch of nutsaxis of taxesstop spending slave grand childrencrowd plus

read the constitution

Actually no one owes yougo green impeach everybodydear politiciando not underestimate the american peoplegive me libertyrepeal legislative porkdc 51st stateif the public opitiongovernment doesn't worktree line crowdreturn taxes

honesty hope

tyrannts don't listenimbecileshead in the sandsave my countryI'm not your atmSupport our military protect bill of rightsgive me libertyfour marines deadidiot

you think health care is expensiveyes to limited governmentwho cares

we the peoplewake up patriots and ariseThis little piggystop speding my futuresocialism your tax dollars at worksave or countryread the legislationproud to be a potential domestic terroristobama your firedno goverment health careme and the constitutionliberty change chaircut taxes and get out of the wayimpeach obama at take the czarsGod help us the mdeia is hiding  the turuthlady sign and flag


2 Responses to “Spokane 9/12 Project Rally”

  1. Great photos! God Bless America and thank God for all of you patriots… Stay strong!!!

    P.S. To the liberal nut job who left the idiotic comment above… people who collect social security after they have retired have PAID into the system my dear and if they weren’t forced by government to pay into this mismanaged system, they would probably be better off financially if they had been free to invest this money over their working life (if you had a real job, you’d know that though…) oh and working people have paid into the Medicare system all their working life too. Uncle Sam deducts this out of your paycheck every time. It is a crime that the American people pay into this system for years, yet get very little return on their investment. Besides, Congress violated that trust by spending the assets from the social security and medicare coffers. They have squandered the American people’s assets to the point that both systems are nearly bankrupt. They can’t be trusted to with even more government controlled programs such as this health care bill will create.

    By they way, Medicaid is the government program for people without any coverage who are poor and destitute. I would bet that most of these folks are not on Medicaid.

    lol … go away, before somebody drops a house on you!

    Your comment was offensive … BOO!!!

  2. The picture of the boys with a sign, “Proud to be a Potential Domestic Terrorist”, is offensive, frightening, and in my opinion, criminal. Terrorism, whether it is domestic or foreign, is illegal under the Patriot Act. Why wouldn’t the parents of these children, who if not taught any differently will grow up as ignorant and hateful as their parents, be criminally responsible for openly encouraging their children to someday be terrorists? I am far more frightened by the violent and dangerous seeds of domestic terrorism in our country, the people I live next door to everyday, the people who’s children will grow up with my grandchildren, than the threat of foreign terrorism.

    While I agree that freedom of speech extends even to those we disagree with, I just don’t believe that we need to perpetuate the violence and hate spewed by the Hannity’s, O’Reilly’s, Limbaugh’s, Beck’s, Malkin’s, Coulter’s, and Palin’s of the world. These extremists incite violence and hate to those who need no help hating, they are in effect yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre.

    I see quite a few of the pictures included above show people who are clearly senior citizens. I would have loved the opportunity to question them about their reluctance toward government programs. Do they receive social security and Medicaid? It’s hypocritcal for someone who benefits from the help the government entitles them, to then begrudge the same benefits to others? We’re not talking welfare, we’re talking basic health care, something we all should be entitled to. While anyone can be treated in an emergency room, we all pay for the expense, which would be much less if we had national health care. Rhetoric only goes so far when we ignore basic math.

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