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dENSANOMICS: Real Estate

Here is an opinion on future home values that you probably won’t hear from too many sources, but none-the-less is worth considering.  This commentary originates from one of the most overbuilt areas of the country.  There are arguments that the Spokane real estate market does not have the same fundamentals; however, national trends can impact local markets.


A little more commentary from Southern California:


And here is what this gentleman thinks of, “Cash for Clunkers”


The above videos are from: http://www.inflation.us/


Spokane Election News:

County wide voter turn-out for the primary was approximately 31%

The following results are tentative:

Proposition No. 1 Renewal of Spokane County Criminal Justice and Public Safety Sales Tax  appears to have passed by a large margin

YES:   48,593 votes  for 61.50%

NO:     30,420 votes for 38.50%

The six Spokane City Council Candidates advancing to the general election appear to be:

District 1:

Mike Fagen

Amber Waldref

There was no primary election in District 1, because only two candidates filed for this council position.

District 2:

Michael Allen                3,111 votes for 28.18%

Jon Snyder                   3,303 votes for 29.92%

District 3:

Nancy McLaughlin       5,578 votes for 56.33%

Karen Kearney             1,581 votes for 15.97%

All council candidates are invited to address dENSA and share their opinion of, “Envision Spokane,” on a Wednesday before the general election.


Do your part for Spokane and be an informed voter!


Satue of Liberty by Shelvey Smith


From the Editorial Page of the Wall Street Journal:

Rose of Freedom

The Journal of Economic Literature recently described the last quarter century of rapid economic growth and rising living standards as “The Age of Friedman,” after Milton Friedman, the Nobel Prize winning economist. The editors could as fairly have called it the Age of Friedmans to include Milton’s wife of 68 years and collaborator, Rose Friedman, who died Tuesday at age 98.

Rose was small in stature like Milton—both were less than five-feet tall—but their ideas were of towering impact. That was especially true in the postwar era through the 1970s, when statist economists dominated most universities and national capitals. The Friedmans re-popularized the principles of economic freedom, which led to the Reagan-Thatcher ascendancy and the spread of capitalist ideas to China, Eastern Europe and even dirigiste India.

Rose carried half the load on many of Milton’s major works, as he was quick to acknowledge. They co-wrote “Free to Choose,” an international best seller in 1980 that was adapted into a popular documentary on PBS.

“Our central theme in public advocacy,” wrote Rose in “Two Lucky People,” their joint autobiography, “has been the promotion of human freedom. . . . it underlies our opposition to rent control and general wage and price controls, our support for educational choice . . . an all-volunteer army, limitation of government spending, legalization of drugs, privatizing Social Security, free trade, and the deregulation of industry.”

It is said that Rose was the only one who ever won a debate with Milton. Once in a discussion on tax policy between Milton and economist Arthur Laffer, she intervened and admonished them: “I think we should cut tax rates way below the revenue maximizing rate.” We asked her not long ago if she thought the recent economic troubles and revival of statist policies was a repudiation of Milton’s legacy. “Oh heavens no,” she said. “Milton’s ideas are timeless.” So are hers.



dENSA reviews the Spokane primary election results

dENSA reviews the Spokane primary election results

The next dENSA meeting will be held at Working Class Heroes on August 26th, located at 1914 N Monroe St.


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