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The American Form of Government

Smart Car

Smart Car


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Not So Smart Car

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Spokane County is updating its Solid Waste Plan.

Questions for dENSA Rate Payers:

Are you content with the number of transfer stations available  under this plan, or would additional transfer stations be beneficial to county residents?

Are you content with the number of recycling and alternate disposal options available under this plan?

Should a condition of the plan require any assets accumulated due to ratepayer funding be shared equally among the  respective jurisdictions paying for such assets?

Should the County Commissioners retain the power to bind county ratepayers to a flow control ordinance or should this decision be surrendered to another jurisdiction?

Should the County insist on independent accounting authority over any organizations funded by county solid waste ratepayers?

Does the plan ensure easy determination of what weights and volumes of individual materials are being recycled and at what cost to the ratepayers?

Should a county solid waste plan require a provision to ensure 100 years of disposal capacity for county residents and businesses?  This capacity could be held in reserve, in case of natural disasters, disruption of transportation systems, or extended emergencies such as war. Such resources could be classified as a regional security asset. Private sector interests will recognize the long-term stabilizing affect on disposal costs such a regional asset would have.  Such capacity could be dispersed throughout the region and also function in support of advancing recycling and improved environmental methodologies.

Does this proposed solid waste plan give you confidence that county rate payers are getting the best value possible in simple economic terms and any premium paid for environment improvements can be easily determined and independently verified?

Should a county plan contain cost and performance goals?  It is widely believed the private sector cost to provide current levels of service are well below half of projected system cost.

Perhaps a dENSA plan would call for a $75 disposal rate in 2011  and a $50 rate in ten years.

I live in the City of Spokane, and it looks like the cost of our plan will be up, up, up, but at least the county helps pay for it.

Oh yeah, we both have the same plan –  Sehr dENSA!


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