Like MENSA, Only Thicker

Meeting Notes

No action was taken on the time and Location of the next dENSA meeting.   Anyone hears, let me know.  I guess we are in recess.

Golf subcommittee is still active and continuing discussions with the  North Carolina Chapter, with several meetings planned.

Send me cool patriotic stuff for a fourth of July Post.  I received an excellent speech from the Pullman Tea Party last Friday.  Not sure if I can get it posted.  Its on Face Book by  Jeff Williams from Pullman, WA, don’t wait for the post, I might be golfing.

Also found a patriotic u-tube video by a kid in Alabama that actually made me feel patriotic.   Nice work kid.

Looking for pictures of flags of the founding fathers.



Spokane Events

Fourth of July Tea Party

Find one.  Go.

It doesn’t matter if you are left, right, red, blue, or from some other political gang.   If you don’t stand up for what you believe on the Fourth of July, when do you stand for what you believe?

Betsy Ross Flag

Don’t let others decide what you stand for.


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