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Spokane Performance Art

The Spokane Art Community is a flutter over the mayor’s recent rap performance. The video was recorded by Isamu Jordan, from the Som Show http://thesomshow.com/:

The City of Spokane now has new street creed,  and calls for more performance art by Spokane civic leaders  is being heard across the Lilac City (less time to waste tax dollars).


Top rap songs dENSA would like to see the mayor and counsel president perform as a duet:

#8. Don’t Taz Me Bro;  by the Thin Blue Line, with Smash Mouth.  Reproduced by Guild Edge Studios.

#7. Criminal Fines, by Tag This! Distributed by Clean Team Productions.  (not for release outside of area directly around RPS mall and S/R related Properties.)

#6. Hot, Hot, Hot;  by Green Hamsters and Climatology.  Remixed by Nu-Reality.

#5. Mall Mugging; by Million$ for Millionair$.  Produced by Non-Profit Creations with an assist by  the ‘Parking Meters.’

#4.  Your Cheese is My Cheese;  by Big Daddy Change, under license with Redistribute Records.

#3. Identity Crises; performed by Mall Worshipers.  Author unknown, probably  produced by either The Downtown Partnership, Greater Spokane Inc., or some other group getting million$ of tax payer dollar$ to…”save downtown.”

#2. Two Liter Weapon; by Protect and Serve. The uncut video version.

#1.  Dinosaur Rap; by the Whitest Kids U’ Know:




That video is pretty white.  Perfect for a couple of political dinosaurs from Spokane’s ScruliousURneighborzoid era.

* That implies illegal activity and Spokane Civic Leaders should not be in anyway associated with such behavior.

* Implying old white politicians were covering for old white money sounds like racial profiling, and that Madam is illegal!

* Our civic leaders should not be wasting time rapping.  They should be  planning  for a 4th of July beat down on the city’s youth.  How else will kids ever understand what the U.S. Constitution stands for, and for whom?

* Our elected officials should be focusing on public-private investment opportunities, not street rap like common criminals.  That’s how accounting mistakes were made during past Spokane deals.   Like when the city used the wheelbarrow cash accounting standard for tax dollar expenditures, when clearly the dump truck standard was far more applicable.

* Marijuana is dangerous gateway drug and should not be glamorized through rap music.  It will lead to drinking excessively in gay bars followed by gun play. We need to raise taxes and build more prisons or crazed dope smokers will soon be shooting up our neighborhoods.

* Maybe dENSA could invite the civic rappers for a performance some Wednesday evening? It is getting close to campaign season.

* Recent crackdowns on prostitution will likely keep city politicians close to City Hall, rather than risk any confusion between  political whores that regularly screw tax payers and  those that just take money for being friendly.

* What could possibly go wrong?  Hogtied, beat senseless with a pop bottle, or maybe Tazed for good measure?

* Our political leaders have assured us that any irregularities involving the police can be independently reviewed.  You only need the permission of the Police Chief, the Police Guild, and a politician or two that took a bunch of campaign contributions from the guild and other city employee unions.  We’re all safe bro! Have them come on down.

* Honey, fill the bong with geritol, and get ready to throw down some Spokane Government Rhymes.  Whoo Weee!!!!

Spokane Events


Don’t forget Mother’s Day on May 10th

Free metal detecting  and Treasure Hunt at Liberty  Park, May 16th.   Details at:  http://www.sharingtreasure.com/ ****The organizers of this event are looking for additional treasure donations for the practice field.  Badges, pins, trinkets, coins, jewelry, or anything a child might find delightful and has some metal in it.

Spokane Lilac Festival Events on Saturday May 16th

*Cruizin the Falls Car Show 12:00n to 6:00 pm

*Armed Forces Torchlight Parade 7:45 p

Health Care Forum 7:00 p.m. S.C.C. Lair on May 27th

4th of July Tea Party Details at:  http://northwestteaparty.org/

Spokane Shock Season is on. Next home games May 9th & 23rd.    http://www.spokanearena.co

20th Anniversary of the Spokane Hoop-fest June 27th and 28th Guaranteed Registration ends on May 4th. http://www.spokanehoopfest.net

Mariners: http://seattle.mariners.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=sea

Next dENSA Meeting will be at the Ticket on May 16th


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