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ICE, ICE Baby…Like Water, Only dENSA!


Arctic Ice Thickens Substantially over the Last 6-12 Months.

All active military sensors in the Arctic show significant ice thickening over the past six to twelve months. Story by Steven Goddard at:


US military data at: http://imb.crrel.usace.army.mil.

dENSA is seeking comments on the above sources.

Sometimes its hot and sometimes its cold.  Its probably been this way for centuries, but you would have to be pretty dENSA to understand it all.  A multi-beer problem for most just to determine if this is actually a problem; in case you are solving the world’s problems one beer at a time.

City of Spokane Releases New Sustainability Plan

Economically and scientifically challenged Spokane civic leaders, plan to lead the national battle against global warming. Local businesses, tax payers and citizens may soon pay, pay and pay under a plan that is euphemistically described to be providing incentives. Anticipated government requirements will dramatically increase the cost of energy; everyday appliances such as toilets, lawn mowers, and shower faucets; along with increasing government regulations in public, business and ultimately personal affairs.

“Because its the right thing to do” sums up the current city administration argument for the plan, ….oh yeah,  and,  “We’re all gonna die if we don’t.”

Details at:  www.greenspokane.org

This plan reports that 500 community leaders were involved in the creation of a plan that is going to achieve 100 percent renewable energy use by 2030.  The tone of the plan is very positive and there is much volunteering  planned as well as education and awareness training; but really, 100% renewable energy in 20 years from now?

No mention of the anticipated cost for Spokane City to lead by example with its own operations.

Note: Eco-programs, with conservation and efficiency themes,  are what the City has been continually representing to the public since Expo ’74.  The community has spent vast sums of money over the last 35 years to the great benefit of a very few, but little real eco-benefits to the community.

Fun Spokane Facts

 Projected '09 Regional Solid Waste System Expenses: $60+ Million

PProjected ’09 Regional Solid Waste System expenses: $60+ Mil

Projected ’09 Regional Solid Waste System losses:            $9  Million

Projected  ’09 Spokane City collections cost:  ? guess?   $20-30 Mil.

Regional Solid Waste System claimed recycling rate:      Approx 42%

Actual recycling rate of Blue Bin Program:    Approx  5%

Annual W.T.E.  Plant Carbon Emissions:   Approx 300,000 tons

Cost (so far) to update  Solid Waste management Plan:   $ 1 million

Cost to meet anticipated  City, State and Federal sustainability initiatives:  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

* Sorting out the City’s Cash Adjusted Accounting Method is difficult and seems to be only understood by a few city employees.  Below are the most current  2009 solid waste  expense summaries totaling $141 million found in the Mayor’s 2009 budget dated
October 31, 2008.  This figure is up from $133 million in 2008.

Solid Waste Disposal Cons Fund $ 67,768,730

Solid Waste Fund: $57,034,016

Solid Waste Debt Service Fund: $16,941,200

2009 Budget Total:  $141,743,946

* Disposal Construction Fund is probably for the Regional Solid Waste System, which serves the entire county.

**The Solid Waste Fund may be City only collections, but $57 mil?

***The Debt Service Fund is probably required by bond covenants and is likely for Regional System Revenue bonds that are expected to be retired in 2011; one year and eight months from now.

Obama Administration Reported to be Backing Away from Climate Change Legislation

Financial projections show crushing impacts from proposed climate change legislation that may have the White House reconsidering new laws that could significantly deepen the current economic recession. The House of Representatives, under leadership from the paragon of economic planning that is California, is expected to charge ahead with national climate change legislation. Of course the rest of the nation must now pay for this crusade, because California is essentially bankrupt. Many of their tax payers are fleeing to places like the N.W. Inland Empire.

If those tax payers end up in Spokane, what a surprise our politicians have for them. Maybe they should just keep heading North or better yet, if we could just send a few politicians from both states far enough North, they won’t be able to collapse the national economy and in turn cause tens of millions in developing countries to starve to death.

  • Obama in a Pear Tree

From the Wall Street Journal Editorial Page April 10, 2009

Still think trade protectionism is good policy? Tell it to fruit growers in the Northwest, who are already feeling the bite of President Obama’s decision to appease the Teamsters union and bar Mexican trucks from U.S. highways.

Mr. Obama acquiesced in Congress’s unilateral rewriting of Nafta earlier this year, despite warnings of potential retaliation. Well, last month Mexico responded with a 20% tariff on select U.S. products, including pears, cherries, apricots and Christmas trees. The Capital Press agriculture Web site reports that pear exports to Mexico have already “ground to a halt” as importers stop buying them because of the cost and uncertainty. That’s a potential annual loss of $50 million to $60 million in U.S. pear exports alone. “If we have that 20% tariff and Argentina enters the market, it could hurt our ability to ship fruit the rest of the season,” said Jeff Correa, of the Pear Bureau Northwest.

That’s how trade wars work. A tariff imposed to please a powerful domestic constituency leads to retaliation that whacks innocent bystanders who lack the ear of the White House or Speaker of the House. In this case, a payoff to the Teamsters stuffed in a spending bill has now become a hardship for the farm growers and workers of Oregon. We elect Presidents to stop this kind of economic damage, not to promote it.

dENSA Survey:

1. Will the City of Spokane use only 100% renewable energy sources in 20 years?

2. What is the likely percentage of renewable energy to be used by Spokane in 20 years?

3. What is the estimated impact on average personal income, for every 1% increase towards 100% renewable energy?


2009 Bloomsday Registration is now open.

Apply for 2010 Spokane NCAA Basketball Tournament Tickets now @ http://www.spokanearena.com/

Spokane Shock Season is on. Next home games  May 2nd and 9th.   http://www.spokanearena.com/

Looking ahead to Hoop-fest.  Start getting your team together. http://www.spokanehoopfest.net

2009 Seattle Mariners April Schedule:
Date Game Time/Result
April 6 @ Minnesota Twins W 6-1
April 7 @ Minnesota Twins L 5-6
April 8 @ Minnesota Twins L 5-6
April 9 @ Minnesota Twins W                                                       2-0
April 10 @ Oakland Athletics W                                                      5-4
April 11 @ Oakland Athletics W                                                       8-5
April 12 @ Oakland Athletics W                                                       1-0
April 14 Los Angeles Angels W                                                       3-2
April 15 Los Angeles Angels W                                                     11-3
April 16 Los Angeles Angels L                                                         1-5
April 17 Detroit Tigers W                                                       6-3
April 18 Detroit Tigers L                                                        0-2
April 19 Detroit Tigers L                                                       8-2
April 21 Tampa Bay Rays 10:10 PM
April 22 Tampa Bay Rays 10:10 PM
April 23 Tampa Bay Rays 6:40 PM
April 24 @ Los Angeles Angels 10:05 PM
April 25 @ Los Angeles Angels 9:05 PM
April 26 @ Los Angeles Angels 3:35 PM
April 27 @ Chicago White Sox 8:11 PM
April 28 @ Chicago White Sox 8:11 PM
April 29 @ Chicago White Sox 2:05 PM

Next dENSA Meeting at the Tomato Street Italian Restaurant on April 22nd.



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