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Tea Party Planned at the Spokane Convention Center

azteca-3-92Party?  We may need Czar-vesas.  dENSA reserves the Patio at Azteca on April 15th.

Celebrate with imported beer, while the government moves to protect us from evil, job stealing, anti-union subversives, importing crap than can be tapped on dangerous, poorly maintained Mexican trucks, operated by drug crazed, criminals that……………….Breaking News:

****No kegs to be imported under proposed import/export regulations*****

Volume transporting and pricing to be strickly regulated in effort to prevent unfair trade practices and to restrict  the national  foot print, carbon or otherwise, from further expansion South of the Rio Grande.

The House version of the proposed legislation may include concessions to ensure international funding for a polar bear habitat restoration site planned near Jalisco, Mexico.

Upon noting that Guinness might be imported, a bipartisan amendment was introduced to ensure Ireland is afforded most favored nation trading status under all future legislation.

Formerly indignant professional protestors, hired to express outrage during media events, stated approvingly, “Free Trade may be fine and dandy, but somethings are just too important to leave to another round of Doha trade negotitians.”

dENSA Question of the Week

What about tea?

dENSA News

New Mark to Model accounting standards are reported to include restrictions on how banks will be allowed to value assets. Full details to be determined, by either F.A.S.B., State or Federal Governments, Judges …. or possibly,  state and union pension funds, provided past levels of campaign contributions can be maintained in a contracting economy.

dENSA Survey, Follow-Up Question:

Should the government demand a Mark to Model accounting standard, to ensure a kind of, sort of  transparency…

when kind of, sort of valuing assets…

that investors, businesses,  government counter-parties, and the general public can kind of, sort of rely on…

when making future financial decisions?


A Spokane Tea party is schedule at the Convention Center on Wednesday, April 15th.   More info at: http://www.spokaneteaparty.com/

2009 Bloomsday Registration is now open.

Apply for 2010 Spokane NCAA Basketball Tournament Tickets now @ http://www.spokanearena.com/

Spokane Shock Season is on. Next home games April 11th and May 2nd and 9th tickets at http://www.spokanearena.com/

Playoff Playahs:  Go Chiefs!!!    http://www.spokanearena.com/

2009 Seattle Mariners April Schedule:
Date Game Time/Result
April 6 @ Minnesota Twins W 6-1
April 7 @ Minnesota Twins L 5-6
April 8 @ Minnesota Twins L 5-6
April 9 @ Minnesota Twins W                                                       2-0
April 10 @ Oakland Athletics W                                                      5-4
April 11 @ Oakland Athletics W                                                       8-5
April 12 @ Oakland Athletics W                                                       1-0
April 14 Los Angeles Angels W                                                       3-2
April 15 Los Angeles Angels 10:10 PM
April 16 Los Angeles Angels 10:10 PM
April 17 Detroit Tigers 10:10 PM
April 18 Detroit Tigers 9:10 PM
April 19 Detroit Tigers 4:10 PM
April 21 Tampa Bay Rays 10:10 PM
April 22 Tampa Bay Rays 10:10 PM
April 23 Tampa Bay Rays 6:40 PM
April 24 @ Los Angeles Angels 10:05 PM
April 25 @ Los Angeles Angels 9:05 PM
April 26 @ Los Angeles Angels 3:35 PM
April 27 @ Chicago White Sox 8:11 PM
April 28 @ Chicago White Sox 8:11 PM
April 29 @ Chicago White Sox 2:05 PM

Next Week: dENSA Golf or ______ Survey

Early Submissions:

Golf or Work

Golf or Taxes

Golf or Stricter Prison Sentencing Guidelines

Golf or Golf Stimulus Package


2 Responses to “Tea Party Planned at the Spokane Convention Center”

  1. Hey Franco,

    dENSA would love to see pictures from die Schwies.

    Zehr dENSA ist Europa, Aber ja!

    Frauen und bier bildserie bitta.

    Oh yeah, the girls want to see a mountain or river or something.

    Maybe you have a shot of women drinking beer in a Mountain lake?

    Auf Wiedersehen!

  2. Hmmm, having picked the Mariners to finish below .500 this season with a respectable total of 75 wins (14 game improvement over 2008) I find myself in a predicament. I’m hoping that my prediction is right, of course, but that would be at the expense of my favorite baseball team. It’s put me in an early season mindset of cheering the losses and panic at the early wins! WTF? The Germans have a term for this – Schadenfreude – meaning shameful joy.

    I’ve tried a different approach to some of my gambling and quasi-gambling ventures of late. Quasi-gambling- see Streak for the Cash on ESPN, it’s a bunch of ‘prop’ bets and other oddities (soccer, curling, cricket). Anyway, my approach has been to bet against the team you like – that way if they win at least you can enjoy them winning. If they lose, at least you got the pick (and the bet) right. For example, in the Super Bowl, my normal tendency would have been to take the Cards and (try to) get points. As some of you may know, getting points, the actual line, somewhere outside of Vegas is like looking for honest men. That said, my super bowl bet was taking the Steelers! (a first for me) straight-up. Of course, this was an optimal bet because I got the favorite without giving the 7-points that was in the betting line. See what I mean about ‘honest’ men? All it takes is a few fans of the underdog smelling an upset and they’ll talk themselves into betting against the favorite straight up. Remember this, my young padawans.

    Okay, so this is in the Tea Party section, isn’t it? sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon. I have never tried a czar-vesa before but am familiar with it’s poorer, wetter cousins.

    European update – they don’t drink as much tea in Europe as I expected them to. Maybe that’s just an English thing…. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to speak German correctly. Hearing a conversation from a handful of German natives sounds like someone is about to get that stuff off the back of their windpipe and project it at the person they’re speaking with. Ach, ich habe ein luggie in der Rückseite meiner Kehle.

    I’m becoming a little more familiar with Swiss German than with the real thing, due to the location I’m working – bumf*@k, Switzerland. The Swiss in the northeast part of die Schwies speak German like it’s mixed with Italian. Which, in actuality, it is to an extent. Like the United States, die Schweis (Switzerland) has no official language. The Swiss were amazed when I told them this. They thought their official langugae was German. The Swiss speak German, in the north and east, French in the west, Italian in the south and Retro-Romansh in pockets on the east side. Go here for more info – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linguistic_geography_of_Switzerland

    When I’m in Gossau, CH, I share an office with two guys – Fredi Kühne and Ivan Bubaloviç. (Don’t you love all the little extra symbols on the letters? – they actually mean something!) Fredi is my counterpart there working on our project (implementing an ERP system). Ivan is in purchasing and logistics, working directly as part of the manufacturing process. He speaks German, Croatian and Italian. Some of my most interesting conversations are with him. He speaks mostly Italian to me and I reply in Spanish. There are smatterings of English and German thrown in for good measure.

    I’ve made 3 trips to this location already this year, spending 5 of the last 9 weeks there already. It’s about a 7 hour trip to Zurich from either New York or Atlanta and about 9 hours on the way back. The trip over is brutal. You leave in the late afternoon (about 5 or 6pm) and arrive 7 hours later, which WOULD be about 1am. Except that it’s 7am local time. I have concluded that the only possible thing to do is stay up upon arrival and go to bed in the evening as early as circumstances permit. This usually means that I’ve been up since 6am on Sat. morning and then going to bed about 9pm (Swiss local) or 3pm EDT the next day. That’s a 33 hour Day! Coming back isn’t a great deal better, up at 5am, arrive back in Raleigh at about 6pm (midnite at the starting point) and then up for another 3 hours at home. About a 22 hour day coming back. Between the two trips I figure I lose one full nights sleep (Waaaahhh, where’s my bottle!??, somebody get me a czar-vesa.)

    Die Schweis is a very small place. It has about 7.7 million people in it, which would makes it the size of Virginia (12th largest in the US) and just larger than Washington in population. At just under 16k sq miles it would be one of the 10 smallest states – smaller than W. Virginia, but larger than Maryland.

    The Swiss are very proud of the quality of their products and services. I think it stands out in many things on a daily basis. But Swiss quality is followed hand in glove with Swiss cost. The dollar and Franc are virtually on par, so you can eyeball the amounts you spend pretty easily and determine that you’re paying almost twice as much for the same item back home. I haven’t even bothered to figure out the cost of gas, I spend half of my time traveling by train and the car I get when I’m in Gossau gets filled at the plant, so I haven’t done the math on the conversion between liters and gallons & dollars and francs. I’d be surprised if that was ONLY double.

    I took some pictures on my 2nd trip but was chastised upon my return by Cathleen. Seems she didn’t JUST want to see pictures of scenic views in the mountains. Where are the streets, and houses, restaurants, what does your hotel look like? What about people you work with? Is this the only place you went? — Okay, okay, I get it. So, I took a lot more pictures this last trip. Cathleen will be joining me on the next trip (4/23 – 5/3), I’ll be staying on for another two weeks. I’d post a few pictures, but that isn’t in the scope of a blog response.

    Hope you all have a great Tea Party!


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