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dENSA Visits the Goodtymes Pub on April 8th

dENSA News of the WEEK

The Financial Accounting Standards Board, also known as FASB,  changed accounting standards for the nation’s banks from Mark to Market to Mark to Model.

Mark to Market requires that assets be shown on a balance sheet at the value they can be sold for on the date of the financial statements.

Mark to Model allows assets to be shown on a balance sheet at a value  bank executives think they should be worth.

dENSA Weekly Survey

1.  In general will assets values go up or down with Mark to Model accounting standards?

2. How will Mark to Model affect executive bonus levels?

3.  Should investors rely on Mark to Model accounting standards, or should such accounting standards only be relied on by  banks and financial institutions that would otherwise be insolvent?

dENSA Contest

Will the Mariners win over half of their games and what will be their total number of wins?

Early picks:

Jim     Over/84

Sam  Over/86

Deno Over/83

Lynda Under/76

Marla Over/84

Joe  J.  Over/69

Jerud  over/98

Jeff  Over 87

Glory Over 84

F.Z   Under/75

Dee   Under/80

Lynn Over/105

Mike    Even/81

* Picks can be changed anytime during the first two weeks of the season.

** The winner is entitled to $1.oo.

*** Winner is responsible for all costs associated with record keeping, tax reporting and government compliance.  Cost of meeting such  requirements  is estimated at $25.00 and to be paid at time of prize award……Welcome to dENSA.

Last Week’s Survey: Crap on tap or Czar-tinies?

Survey results show Crap-on- tap to be favored by a large margin, but legal challenges have kept the results from being certified. A resolution calling for a full bar at all dENSA meetings was introduced in anticipation of court rulings and expected government mandated intervention meant to stimulate the nation’s vital distillery industry.  The debate continues…

Recent comments on criteria for consideration when choosing a dENSA meeting location:

Jim: Comfort

Marla: Noise Level

Joe: Valley Location

Mike: Food/Noise Level

Sam: Food/view

Bob: Larger Round Tables

Jerud: Crap on Tap

Lynda: Parking

* All surveys and statistical analysis on this blog by dENSATRY.

** margin of error plus/minus 98%.


2 Responses to “dENSA Visits the Goodtymes Pub on April 8th”

  1. Hi Franco;

    How’s the North Carolina dENSA Chapter coming along, or is it now going to be the Switzerland Chapter?

    Zher dENSA ist Europa!

    I’m going with even. Several people have not had an opportunity to make their choices. There may also be a few new players, so the rules are a little more dENSA this year.


  2. What’s with all the group members and no baseball picks? I can understand apathy, but there’s no place for studying in the dENSA I knew!

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